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Diabetic neuropathy is a complication of diabetes with a wide variety of symptoms. The disease is associated with damage to buy enalapril online, with the help of which the brain and spinal cord control all organs and muscles. It is most often manifested by paresthesia and impaired sensation of the limbs, tachycardia, dysphagia, hypotension, diarrhea, anhidrosis, or genitourinary disorder. Diabetic neuropathy involves examining the functioning of the endocrine, cardiac, digestive, and nervous systems.

Diabetic neuropathy belongs to a heterogeneous group of diseases, the manifestation of which is a systemic lesion of the peripheral nerves. The clinical picture of the disease is characterized by muscle weakness, various sensory disturbances, autonomic disorders.

Treatment is with insulin therapy, neurotropic drugs and antioxidants are also used. Diabetic neuropathy is a fairly common disease, occurring in half of vasotec diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. There are three types of diabetic neuropathy. There are also central neuropathy and its types. Even in the clinical classification, several stages of development are distinguished.

  • The main reasons for the development of diabetic neuropathy will be age, obesity, smoking, long-term diabetes and arterial hypertension - a condition that develops in the pathology of the organs that regulate blood pressure.
  • Arterial hypertension is manifested by the development of pronounced changes in organs, for example, heart and kidney failure.
  • Peripheral polyneuropathy is manifested by the development of disorders associated with motor and sensory function, which are directly related to the limbs. Diabetic neuropathy is characterized by burning, numbness, tingling, orpain in fingers and feet.
  • Along with all the unpleasant sensations and even pain, insomnia develops, a decrease in appetite, which leads to weight loss and depression of the general psychological state. In later stages, the disease is characterized by ulcers on the foot and deformity of the toes into a hammer-like shape.
  • Also, one of the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy is autonomic diabetic neuropathy, characterized by the development of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, sudomotor, urogenital and respiratory forms of enalapril of individual organs or systems.
  • The gastrointestinal form of diabetic neuropathy is characterized by the development of gustatory hypersalivation and dyskinesia of the esophagus, gastroparesis and pathological gastroesophageal reflux - inflammation of the walls of the lower esophagus as a result of the reverse movement of gastric contents into the esophagus.

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Gastroesophageal disease is manifested by heartburn and belching with a sour or bitter taste. Patients with diabetes mellitus often suffer from gastritis and stomach ulcers. Symptoms of the urogenital form of autonomic diabetic neuropathy. The urogenital form of autonomic diabetic neuropathy is manifested by a violation of the tone of the bladder, as a result of which urination becomes difficult or, on the contrary, incontinence appears. People with diabetes often have urinary infections such as cystitis or pyelonephritis.

Sudomotor failures in diabetic neuropathy are manifested by distal hypo- and anhidrosis - conditions associated with changes in the work of the sweat glands, which provokes a decrease in sweating or its complete absence during the development of compensatory central hyperhidrosis - profuse sweating, which occurs regardless of physical exertion or overheating. The respiratory form of neuropathy is accompanied by bouts of sleep apnea, hyperventilation of the lungs and a decrease in the production of surfactant.

At the first visit to the doctor, the anamnesis, changes in the cardiovascular, digestive, genitourinary and respiratory systems are taken vasotec and analyzed. Based on these findings, diagnostics are assigned. In patients with diabetic neuropathy, the level of glucose and insulin in the blood is measured, the pulsation in the peripheral arteries is determined, and the lower extremities are examined to exclude or confirm deformities and fungal infections. To examine the cardiovascular system, an ECG, cardiovascular tests are used, the level of cholesterol and lipoproteins is determined.